Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why I choose.....

I usually reserve this blog page as a brag page on my family..
But... today I have been challenged by a friend to express who & why I am voting for my candidate of choice.

What is said below is said in a spirit of love, gentleness and kindness..since written words can't often express the intent of the writer..

First let me say this before I expound on the who & why: As a Christian I have certain obligations that come from the authority of the scriptures. And believe that the role of faith in selecting a candidate is a God given privledge and is a very important issue. As a Christian I believe that Jesus Christ died so that I can have eternal life and therefore my obligation is to Him and His church, first.

My priorities are to the God of the Bible.... Three issues I will always stand by are faith, life issues and the protection of the institution of marriage. I will not vote for a candidate that does not share my same views on these three issues.

To list a few..I also believe in the well-being, for our men and women in the armed forces & in uniform in our cities, for better jobs, better health care for seniors & children, for education, energy independence and for government reform. That is why I believe that McLain/Palin will get my vote, they together are more able to achieve those goals.

In the end I know the Lord's will..will be done!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

and Rachel came tumbling after...

(to the tune of Jack & Jill)
Rachel my Rachel went up the bleachers to fetch a bag for a friend
she turned around and trip on to the ground and broke her little elbow!

Actually, she was at the football game and did get a bag for a friend and when she returned to her seat she tripped on another friends crutches and tumbled down the bleachers. Thankfully the only thing that was hurt was her arm. She broke the tip of her elbow! We go Tuesday to the ortho. dr. to determine the plan of action for the healing process. We'll keep ya posted!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten!

~Sigh~... my baby girl started kindergarten this week! She is having a blast being a big girl... walking to her class room by herself, making new friends, learning, and getting to know her teacher.

When we first dropped her off Monday morning I was so proud of her, "my baby has made it to kindergarten what a milestone". By the end of the day I was missing her greatly! When I saw her coming out of the school with her class and teacher I began to tear up..I couldn't believe it.. it was like I hadn't seen her for years, it was like I sent in a baby that morning and out came a big girl that afternoon! I was teary eyed and all chocked up, for a moment, I couldn't get my words out to tell her I loved her and missed her and was so pround of her!!

and the icing on the cake... I sent my 7th grader to Jr. High! She's having a great time so far...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

That's a good idea!

The other night after we read our Bible and said our prayers, the girls began to talk about when they get married and have a baby. Chloe tells about how she is going to go to highschool then college, get married then have a baby. She tells of a beautiful princess wedding and all about her handsome prince! (Lisa you'll never guess who...) Jordan chimes in just as serious and mature.. "Well... I am going to marry Jesus!" I snicker under my breath and say "well.. you may not be able marry Jesus but you sure can marry someone who acts a lot like him"! She responds, "yeah, that's a good idea!"

It so wonderful that she knows the love of Jesus that she wants to marry Him!

[Before you all freak out on why are these little girls all into the wedding thing....They are all into the wedding thing because it was our 15th wedding anniversary and they wanted to look at our pictures "of when mommy was getting married and was dressed up like a beautiful princess]

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Fun

Panama City Beach

Father's Day

Chloe's 1st Ballet Recital

Thursday, June 05, 2008

"Millennial Generation"....penny for your thought?

I saw this video this week. I'd love to get your thoughts. How will our children change the world? Are we ready?

I will articulate my thoughts soon. I'm not an incredible writer like my friend Christine! It just takes me awhile to get them just right!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


My daughter, who recently turned five, asked to say the blessing before dinner the other night. She said the blessing and ended it with "Amen", we all echoed "amen". She then said, "mommy, boys should say "Amen" and girls should say, "A-lady". Too funny! precious!